TOP 13 Best Treadmills for Walking at Home Reviewed 2021

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TOP 13 Best Treadmills for Walking at Home Tested & Reviewed 2021

Struggling to get in enough cardio in?

A walking treadmill is an excellent way of clocking more steps without having to negotiate with the weather, daylight hours and sore joints.

This article will introduce you to the best walking treadmills of 2021 and then explain a few pointers on how to make your decision.

Let’s get started!

TOP 13 Best Walking Treadmills of 2021

Exerpeutic TF1000 Walk to Fitness Treadmill

Review: This is a rare find in the world of treadmills, being a treadmill that is specifically designed for walking but isn’t a desk treadmill.

It’s very quiet, has a really high max user weight limit, and has long safety handles which makes it a great option for the elderly or mobility impaired.


  • 1.5 HP makes this the perfect machine for walking.
  • 4mph max speed.
  • Very high 400 lbs max weight.
  • Folds away for storage.
  • Long handles.


  • 40” deck length is a little short.


This is the best walking treadmill for people with mobility issues and the best walking treadmill of 2021 if you don’t want an under-desk treadmill.

Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 Walking Treadmill

Review: This treadmill is well designed for walking and light jogging with a 6mph max speed.

It is well cushioned, quiet and made of good quality materials with useful design features like cup and tablet holders. It has a 350 lbs max weight and a soft drop folding mechanism to make it easy to pack away.


  • 3 easy speed buttons of 1, 3 and 5 mph saves going up in tiny increments.
  • 6 mph max speed and 2.5 CPH is perfectly designed for walking.
  • Backlit LCD display tracks calories, distance, speed and time.
  • Folds away for space-saving.


  • 44.5” deck length might be a little short for some people.
  • 90 day warranty on parts is short and concerning despite the lifetime warranty on the frame.


This is a good walking treadmill if you’re looking for value for money, they’ve just cut out some of the features that you can get away without while maintaining the quality of the important bits.

Lifespan TR1200-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

Review: Though it’s designed to partner with a standing desk so that you can walk while you work, this treadmill is so good that it needs to be on this list.

It can easily be used for walking at home if you set it up with a tall table (or if you’re comfortable walking without handles). Being designed for long hours of walking at a consistent pace, the motor will last a lot longer than a running treadmill being used at walking speeds.


  • 2.25 CHP and 2400 RPM is perfect for long hours of walking over many years.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on frame, 3 years warranty for the motor and 2 years for parts.
  • Very quiet when in use.
  • The simple and easy to use console records distance, calories, time and steps.
  • Maximum speed of 4 mph.
  • 50” x 20” deck.


  • You need to register within 30 days of purchase in order to get the warranty.
  • Lots of annoying beeps when controlling the treadmill – but these can be engineered out.


If your priority is a quiet, efficient treadmill that will let you walk for hours and will last for many years, this is your treadmill.

This is the best walking treadmill 2021 for those who work at home.


GoPlus Under Desk Walking Treadmill

Review: This under desk treadmill is another that doesn’t come with handles but is a great option for long walks at low speeds if you have a table nearby you can lean on just in case.

Its 220 lbs max weight is a little on the low side but it has a good-sized deck and can easily be moved out of the way when you’re done.


  • 1 HP and a max speed of 4 mph means this treadmill is specific for walking and will cope with long hours of use while being quiet as well.
  • LED display screen keeps track of your workout stats.
  • 51.5” deck length is a good length for walking.


  • No handles.


This is the best treadmill for walking at home if you want to be able to get some work or study done at the same time.

Rhythm Fun Folding Treadmill

Review: This is probably the most compact and easy to fold treadmill with handles on this list. The handles provide a safe walking environment but they can also be folded out of the way so that the treadmill can be used under a desk.

It has two modes, one for walking and one for jogging, with a maximum speed of 7.5 mph. And, the deck is designed with shock-absorbing technology to make it comfortable and stable.


  • 2.0 HP and 7.5 mph max speed.
  • Suitable for walking and light jogging.
  • Can be used with or without the handles.


  • On/Off switch is in an awkward place.


This is the best small treadmill for walking being light and easy to move around your living space.

Sole Fitness S77 Treadmill

Review: Sole is known to be one of the most reliable treadmill brands. This treadmill isn’t designed for long periods of walking but if you want something you can run on as well then this is a great choice.

It comes with a powerful 3.5 CHP motor and all of the features you would expect from a top of the line model.


  • Maximum weight is 350 lbs which is one of the highest on this list.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on frame, motor and deck and a 5 year parts warranty.
  • Very large deck size (22” x 60”).
  • 15 incline levels if you want to do some uphill walking.


  • Not suited for long periods of walking only.
  • Expensive, but arguably you get what you pay for.


This is the best treadmill for walking and running. You really can’t go wrong with this model (unless you try to use it for walking 8 hours per day).





Stamina Inmotion Manual Treadmill

Review: At the complete opposite end of the spectrum as far as price and technology goes, this manual treadmill is a very affordable option with no fancy features to go wrong and let you own.

This treadmill uses magnetic resistance and a permanent incline to give you an even more intense walking workout. It’s much harder than walking on a flat deck but you avoid the shock of running.


  • 2 Manually adjustable incline heights.
  • Smooth, quiet belt action.
  • Don’t have to worry about any motor issues.
  • Foldable for storage.


  • Note that you can’t walk on a flat surface on a manual treadmill as you need the force of gravity to help with the rotation of the belt, otherwise, you won’t be doing any walking!
  • 42” deck length is too short for jogging.


This is the best affordable manual treadmill for walking.

Confidence Fitness Manual Magnetic Treadmill

Review: This is another great manual option treadmill for the budget-conscious looking for a hard workout.

This magnetic treadmill is smooth and quiet with an impressive 8 adjustable incline levels to vary the intensity of the workout.


  • You don’t have to worry about the motor failing because it doesn’t have one!
  • Works more muscles than an electric treadmill.
  • Battery operated computer measures speed, distance, calories and time.
  • 220 lbs weight limit.


  • Only comes with a 12 month warranty which is a little on the low side considering there are no motorized parts to go wrong.


This is another of the best manual treadmills for walking.

iMovR ThermoTread GT Desk Treadmill

Review: If you do actually work from home and are looking for a treadmill designed to let you work at the same time, this is another of the best options out there.

Designed for office use, its maximum speed is only 2.5 mph meaning its engine is specifically designed for walking and will go forever.


  • 3 CHP and 4000 RMP is the perfect ratio for walking and ensures the engine won’t burn out.
  • Touchscreen LCD console has many features.
  • Very quiet and well-cushioned.


  • Being designed for the office, it won’t offer any workout programs with varying speeds and doesn’t have handles.


This is the perfect treadmill for walking if you work from home and want to set it up with a standing desk.

Sole Fitness TD80 Treadmill Desk

Review: This is another top-quality Sole treadmill, but one that is designed for long periods of walking while you work.

It comes with its own desk that can be adjusted to suit your height so that you can read, study, watch Netflix on your laptop or just use the table as an emergency handle.

The LED console sits on the desk to display your work out stats and the desk folds away when not in use.


  • 2.5 CHP and max speed of 4 mph.
  • 50” x 20” deck.
  • 325 lbs max weight.
  • 40% less shock with Sole’s Cushion Flex Whisper Deck.


  • Treadmill base is heavy and hard to move.


This is the best treadmill for walking in 2021 if you work from home, with its own removable desk included.

ProForm Treadmill Desk

Review: This is another treadmill with a built-in desk that is well suited to long periods of walking.

But the highlight of this machine is its iFit coach that can take you on walks in beautiful places from all around the world while the incline adjusts automatically depending on the terrain. You definitely won’t get bored!

It also has a pretty high max speed for a desk treadmill so you can put in some power walking at the end of your workday to finish off your workout.


  • 300 lbs max weight limit.
  • iFit coach.
  • Cushioned deck.
  • 2.6 CHP with max speed of 6 mph.
  • 55” long deck.


  • iFit membership costs extra.


Very similar to Sole’s desk treadmill, this is another high quality option for a walking treadmill.

NordicTrack C990 Treadmill

Review: A similar option to the Sole S77 above, this is the treadmill you’ll want if you want the option of running now and then as well as walking.

It has a 12% automated incline and a 7” HD touchscreen. It comes with many features which are reflected in the price, but along with the Sole above, it is one of the best treadmills on the market.


  • Features include WiFi, electric incline, cooling fan, sound system, tablet holder, 12 preloaded workouts, customized cushioning and iFit enabled touch screen.
  • 3.0 CHP is powerful enough for a range of speeds to cope with the 12 mph speed limit.
  • Very large deck area of 20” x 60”.
  • Comes with a lifetime frame and motor warranty.


  • The motor may not cope with endless hours of walking unless you’re mixing it up with running or giving it a chance to cool down.
  • iFit costs extra – but you can use this treadmill without it.


This is the best treadmill for walking and running, being powerful, quiet and loaded with features.

GoPlus Electric Folding Treadmill

Review: This quiet, compact treadmill comes at a very low cost making a great addition to your home gym if you don’t have space for a full-sized treadmill.


  • 7.5 mph max speed makes this treadmill well suited for walking and light jogging.
  • 99 motion programs and 3 movement modes.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around and fold away.
  • Compatible with Android and Apple Apps.


  • 220 lbs weight limit is on the low side so it won’t be suitable for heavier users.
  • 43.3” deck length will be a little short for taller people with a long stride.
  • There doesn’t appear to be a warranty.


This is the best cheap treadmill for walking, being compact and easy to use.

woman walking on treadmill at the gym

Benefits of Walking on a Treadmill

Walking outside is great, but not always convenient. In the winter you’ve got darkness and cold or wet weather to deal with.

Or maybe you live somewhere where there aren’t any parks close by and you’d have to be walking on the pavement down busy roads clogged with car fumes.

Or, maybe you figure it makes sense to be walking while you watch your evening TV since you’ll be watching it anyway!

Whatever your reasons, there are benefits to walking on a treadmill.

  • Treadmills often have good cushioning technology so you can save some impact on your joints and don’t need to rely so heavily on your shoes for support and cushioning.
  • You can walk in the safety and comfort of your own home which may mean you end up walking more than you would have done otherwise.
  • Also, treadmills allow you to track your workout stats more effectively and you can time your walk to finish exactly when you need it too, instead of finding yourself stuck on the wrong side of the park when you need to be rushing to work.

But, it’s going to be hard to appreciate the benefits of walking on a treadmill at home if you can’t choose one, or you choose badly.

And let’s face it, there are a lot to choose from!

woman walking on treadmill

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Treadmill for Walking

There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing the best treadmill for walking.

Treadmills are not always a one-size-fits-all deal.

They come in all shapes and sizes.

Some are more portable and fold away, some are extra quiet and low profile and designed to go underneath standing desks so you can walk while you work, some include an incline and some don’t, and there are even manual treadmills which use gravity and your leg action to rotate the belt.

Treadmills also come with a huge range of price tags.

Top of the line treadmills can be upwards of $3,000, but the gains to be had from a more expensive treadmill aren’t necessarily proportionate the extra cost.

There are plenty of perfectly good treadmills for less than $1000.

woman exercising on treadmill at home

Walking Treadmill vs Running Treadmill

It might sound odd, but trust me on this, you cannot just buy a treadmill designed for running if you actually want to walk because using it for extended periods of time at low speeds will cause the engine to burn out.

Treadmills for walking require different motor specs to treadmills for running.

Specifically, they need to be low torque. This means that they need a decent amount of horsepower (CHP), but a low number of revolutions per minute (RPM), or a low frequency, so they don’t burn out.

Treadmill makers love to boast about their high CPH ratings, but this is fairly meaningless for walking unless the RPM is low (4000 or less), or the frequency less than 66.6 Hz.

Unfortunately, most treadmill makers don’t advertise the RPM or frequency of their treadmills because not many people understand the importance of it.

But if there’s one piece of information you’ll take away from this, it’s that low CHP is not a bad thing if you’re just going to be using the treadmill for walking.

(Also, any CHP over 2.4 is likely a little pointless as your home’s electricity supply likely won’t support much more than this anyway.)

There aren’t many treadmills on the market that are designed exclusively for walking.

The exceptions are under-desk treadmills for working at standing desks.

(There are a few of these on the list above but we have more options for under-desk treadmills here.)

These babies are designed with long hours of walking at slow speeds in mind and they will go forever without burning out.

So, even if you’re not going to be working while walking, if you want to get some serious walk time in on your treadmill, it might be worth considering a standing desk treadmill.

It will last a lot longer than a running treadmill and will likely be quieter and more compact too.

If you want the occasional option of doing some running as well but will be mostly walking, you can go for a regular treadmill (we have great options from NordicTrack and Sole listed above) but you’ll need to make sure it’s high quality so that the motor can handle it.

More top regular treadmills are listed here.

Alternatively, manual treadmills remove the motor issue altogether. They’re harder to run on, and walking on them alone is a pretty intense workout, but you won’t have to worry about motor quality, horsepower or torque.

There are a couple of great manual treadmills above but we have a list of the best manual treadmills here.

woman doing exercises on the treadmill

Aside From the Motor, Other Things to Consider Include

  • Noise level – do you want to watch TV or need to avoid disturbing the neighbors?
  • Deck length – are you tall with a long stride length? A deck of 50” is long enough for walking, but really, the more space the better in terms of comfort. If you’ve got longer legs or have a long stride, you might want to go for a 55” deck. If there’s a chance you might want to run at some point, then 60” is the length to go for.
  • Max weight – you’ll need to make sure that your treadmill will be able to handle your body weight. As a general rule, the max weight of the treadmill should be at least 15% more than your body weight.
  • Max speed – if the majority of the time that you’ll spend on your treadmill is walking, you’ll want a max speed of around 4 mph. Anything higher and you’ll want to make sure you’re doing some jogging as well or not walking for too long in one stretch.
  • Features – anything specific you want your treadmill to be able to do? Bear in mind that the more features the treadmill has, the more expensive it will be and the more there is to go wrong… not to be pessimistic or anything! If you’re looking to save money, the features are where you can comfortably cut back without impacting on the quality of the machine itself.
  • Warranty – a treadmill is a big investment, the longer the warranty the better!
  • Cushioning – your knees are important, save them by choosing a treadmill with good shock absorbance.
  • Sturdiness – the treadmill should feel secure and not wobble when you walk.
  • Incline – having a treadmill with a good range of inclines is a great way to boost your workout and activate more muscles without necessarily increasing the impact shock on your joints. Some treadmills are actually designed specifically with the incline in mind because it results in such a great workout. If you’re interested in more, be sure to read our list of the best incline treadmills.
  • Folding – if you don’t have much space in your home, a folding treadmill will allow you to move it out of the way when it’s not in use. Check out the guide to the best folding treadmills if you’re considering one.

Finally, know what your priorities are and what you’re looking for in a treadmill.

Do you want something you might one day run on as well or are you sure you’ll just stick to walking? Do you want a heart rate monitor or speakers?

We all have different preferences and what works for one person might be annoying or awkward for someone else.

It’s best if you can try out the treadmill you’re thinking of buying before you make the commitment as you’ll want to make sure that the deck length suits your stride, the handles (if there are any) are in a comfortable place and the amount of shock absorption is right for your joints.

Many older people or those with mobility issues choose walking treadmills as a safe and comfortable way of getting exercise. But there are other great options worth considering if you’re in this category.

Recumbent bikes offer a safe way to work out your legs while sitting in a comfortable reclined position that won’t put any stress on your joints. We have a great article dedicated to exercise equipment for seniors to give you more ideas and tips.

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Treadmill Walking Interesting

I’m not going to lie, walking on a treadmill can get boring, and watching the TV while you walk is not a bad way to counter this AT ALL.

But there are other ways you can keep your treadmill walking stimulating.

There are some great Youtube workouts for treadmills which are a great way to introduce you to treadmill walking.

Who knew you could combine walking with other exercises like using light weights on the treadmill?

And who knew walking workouts could be really hard?

And finally, did you know you can go on a virtual tour of some stunning scenery somewhere else in the world while you walk?


What is the Best Speed to Walk on a Treadmill to Lose Weight?

There is no single best speed for everyone when it comes to walking to lose weight. It depends on your starting level of fitness.

Start out walking at a speed that you can comfortably hold a conversation without losing your breath and then gradually work up from there. You’ll need to lose your breath and work up a bit of sweat if you want to lose weight though.

Which Treadmill is Best for Walking?

Any treadmill with a maximum speed of 6mph or less is a good option for walking (even less is better).

All of the treadmills on the list above are excellent options but the desk treadmills are the best choice for walking for long periods of time (upwards of an hour per day).

Is Walking Treadmill Good Exercise?

Yes, definitely!

Is Walking on a Treadmill Bad for Your Knees?

Walking on a treadmill should not put your knees under any more stress than they would be walking on normal ground.

In fact, as most treadmills are cushioned, your knees should be happier on the treadmill! You will need to make sure you’re wearing the right shoes for your foot type though.

Are Manual Treadmills Good for Walking?

Manual treadmills are excellent for walking and provide a really tough workout.


That concludes this article on the best treadmills for walking at home.

Remember that treadmills for walking are different from treadmills for running.

The motors need to have a low torque, which means the CHP doesn’t necessarily need to be high, but the RPM or frequency needs to be as low in relation to CHP.

Aside from this, choose a treadmill that meets your preferences from the list above and enjoy all the extra walking that you’ll be able to add into your life!

Don’t forget to comment below if you’ve used any of the treadmills reviewed above.

And be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already!

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