How to Get a Perfect Abs: Home Workout Ideas & Gear for You

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How to Get Abs: Home Workout Ideas and Gear

Everyone wants a solid six-pack, and they want one, even more, when beach season approaches.

A strong core is a perfect foundation for a strong body, and your abs need to be worked out regularly to maintain that strength.

Modified Sit-Ups

Everyone knows how great sit-ups are for ab sculpting.


There are dozens of kinds of sit-ups, and some will work better for your abs than others. Partial sit-ups with arm raises are excellent for engaging your entire abdomen in one pass.

While lying on your back, bend your knees to 90 degrees.

Lift your arms straight up above your head, and keep them up. Sit up half way, and come back down.

If you want even more precision targeting, use a back mat.

It will keep you elevated from the floor and hold your back in an arch, maximizing the intensity of your sit-ups.

Nayoya Abdominal Mat

Using a exercise ball as a support for your lower back gives you a fuller range of motion. You’ll get to work your abs going up just as easily as you will going down.

With the ball pressed against the small of your back. With your feet firmly planted flat on the ground, place your fingers on the back of your head, behind the ears.

Tuck your chin down, and curl off of the ball until you’ve reached a sitting position.

DynaPro Direct Exercise Ball

V-Ups are like pushups gone crazy. In a v-up, you keep your core on the ground, and bring everything else up into the air. With your back flat on the floor, hold a medicine ball with both hands behind your head.

Lift your legs straight up in the air, as you raise the medicine ball straight up above your chest.

Bring your toes as close to the medicine ball as you can without raising your legs before returning to the flat position.

AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

Weighted sit ups can seem dangerous, but that’s because you probably aren’t using the right kind of weight.

Essentially, a weighted sit-up is the same as a regular sit-up, except the person working out holds weight at the center of their chest through the duration.

Holding the weight over the core engages your arms and abs at the same time, forcing you to target your strength to your abdomen to maintain your center of gravity.

For weighted sit-ups, you shouldn’t use a barbell, a dumbbell, a kettlebell, or a medicine ball.

These are cumbersome to hold, and because of their large size, they may get in your way and prevent you from completing the sit up. Instead, use a regular weight plate with grips.

It’s flat, it’s easy to hold, and you won’t have to worry about it hitting your stomach.

CAP Barbell 2-Inch Olympic Grip Plate

Ab Rollouts

For rollouts, you can either use a barbell, or an ab wheel.

Ab wheels are a little better because they concentrate your strength into a central line, but a barbell will work in a pinch. If you’re using a barbell, you should load it with ten pound plates.

Anything heavier can potentially cause injury.

Kneel on the floor with your shoulders over your barbell or ab wheel. Clench your abs, and roll forward until your hips are as low as you can get them without dropping them.

Your back should remain straight the entire time. Once you’ve gone as far as you can, roll your wheel or your barbell back until you’ve resumed the kneeling position.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Core Chops

For this one, you’ll need to install a resistance band. Most of them come in sets with hookups for doors or can easily be mounted to something like a power rack or a pull-up bar.

Start from the lunge position with one leg forward. If your right leg is forward, grab the resistance band over your right shoulder. Grasp the band with both hands, pulling it diagonally past your left hip.

Efficient Sports Resistance Band Workout Set

Lay with your back flat on the floor. With your elbows bent at 90 degrees, reach behind you and grip the bottom support bar of your workout bench. It’s heavy enough to stabilize you.

If you have an ab bench with built-in foam grips near the bottom, this is what they’re supposed to be used for.

 With your legs straight and your feet together, raise them until they’re completely vertical.

Lift your glutes up off the ground. As you lower your legs, avoid placing them directly on the ground. Stop a few inches from the floor to keep your abs engaged before you repeat the leg lift.

Reverse Crunches with Resistance 

With your back on the floor, wrap your exercise band around the arches of your feet. Twist the band, turning it into an “x” shaped cross in the center.

Hold the top of the band with your hands. Using your hips, bend until your knees are straight up and close to your chest and lift your glutes off the ground, with a 90 degree bend in your knee.

Then, crunch your upper body and raise your head until you’re looking through your thighs. Extend your legs straight out at you pull your arms back over your head.

Gold’s Gym Power Training Band, Heavy

The best thing about ab workout equipment is that none of it is especially expensive.

Some of the tools you would use are pieces of equipment you’d already own, and the things you may not have are easy to store and don’t take up a lot of space.

Don’t put all your emphasis on your arms and legs – you need your abs for balance when you want to sculpt the perfect physique.

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