Best Power Racks and Squat Racks for Home Gym with TOP 10 Reviews 2017

Best Power Racks and Squat Racks for Home Gym with TOP 10 Reviews 2017
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Serious workout enthusiasts boast about their power racks and squat racks.

They love the options their racks provide them – expanding the range of their regular workout routines and making it easier than ever to see real results with the minimum amount of equipment.

Everyone is quick to share how much they love their power racks and squat racks, but at the end of the day, this equipment is expensive.

Is it really worth the money and how to find the best power rack for home gym?


Power Racks

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Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment

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Valor Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment4.5 Starsbuy-from-amazon-button
XMark Power Cage

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XMark Power Cage with Dip Station4.5 Starsbuy-from-amazon-button
Super Power Squat Cage

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TDS Power Rack / Squat Cage5 Starsbuy-from-amazon-button
PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

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PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack4.6 Starsbuy-from-amazon-button
Rep Power Rack with Dual Pullup Bars

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Rep Power Rack with Dual Pullup Bars5 Starsbuy-from-amazon-button

The simplest answer to that question is Yes.

Not only do you save money on gym membership and additional standalone lifting equipment over time, it’s worth spending more on, but only on the best power racks and squat racks.

You need these pieces of equipment to be durable.

An inexpensive rack is likely made from lesser quality materials. It won’t last you very long, and it won’t give you the safety and stability you’ll get from a state of the art model.

Since all the good ones are expensive, that makes it harder to find a power rack that’s going to work for you.

Because the cost of the equipment is so high, it becomes difficult to distinguish the great power racks for home gym from the subpar racks.

Once you understand what you need and you know what to look for in a quality piece of equipment, it becomes easier to narrow down all of the offerings and find the perfect rack for you.

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Power Racks vs. Squat Racks

If you’re setting up a home gym, you won’t have much use for both pieces of equipment.

You’ll want to select one or the other, and which one you choose depends on a variety of factors. You should consider your budget and what would work best for you when making this determination.

Power racks are generally more expensive, because they’re the more versatile option.

Where a squat rack is mostly designed for lower exercise, best power racks are designed to provide you with a full range of exercises – some of them even come with pull up bars or dip bars to help you take things one step further.

The only downside to power racks is that, because they are so much larger, they’re generally more expensive.

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Because of the size, you may have a hard time finding a place to put a power rack. They take up a lot of space, and they don’t work very well with low ceilings or cramped corners.

If you’re building a full home gym, a power rack will work great if you have a place to put it. If you’re working with limited space, a squat rack will fit much better.

Squat racks are great for people on a budget. You’ll be able to get some of the benefits of a full power rack for a smaller cost.

They’re easier to move, assemble, and store than a power rack.

If you have more to spend and a large workout area, you’re probably better off buying a full power rack for that purpose, because you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a regular squat rack and so much more.

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Why Buy A Power Rack or a Squat Rack?

Owning your own power rack or squat rack brings freedom and cost effective exercise into your home.

These pieces of equipment are versatile necessities for anyone who takes their workout seriously, and many gyms don’t even offer them to their customers.

Power racks and squat racks eliminate the need for a host of other workout equipment while making your strength training and muscle building exercises safer and easier than ever.

You won’t need to rely on a costly gym membership if you’re able to exercise from the comfort of your own home. Having your equipment at home means you’re free to use it whenever you want.

You don’t have to get ready for the gym only to rush in and rush out if you only have half an hour to spare.

Over time, these pieces of equipment will pay for themselves.

Since power racks and squat racks allow you to perform an extended range of exercise with a single piece of equipment, you won’t need much else to get started.

Instead of a bunch of mid-range investments, one large investment will ultimately amount to less money and be easier to maintain in the long run.

Every lifter will be able to benefit from having their own power rack or squat rack.

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TDS Power Rack Review

This power rack boasts a lot of raw power for such a compact size. Coming in at 72 inches high, it will fit comfortably in most garage gyms, and work for people of most heights.

If you’re over six feet tall, you may find that this power rack is a little cramped, but anyone under six feet will be able to make the most of it.

The chinning bar is deep knurled, and strong enough to handle just about anything. This rack features 25 holes that are 2 inches apart, giving you a great amount of options for its height.

The holes are numbered for easy identification – you won’t have to worry about accidentally setting your weights up crooked, and it’s easy enough to remember the settings you use for certain lifts.

Its weight limit is 1,000, making it highly unlikely that you’ll ever need to upgrade based on weight limits.

The 1 inch safety pins are made of solid steel for uncompromising durability. This rack will work in any home gym, and if used correctly and cared for properly, will last virtually forever.


Exercising with Squat Racks

Obviously, squat racks are ideal for squatting exercises.

Outside of squats, there is a whole host of exercises you can use your squat rack for. Pull ups, barbell bent over rows,

Romanian deadlifts, power cleans, and front squats all work well using your squat rack as the central point.

Exercising with Power Racks

A power rack will allow you to do everything a squat rack will, plus more. Many power racks also have pull up bars and lat bars to give you more options.

Any barbell exercise can be done with the assistance of a power rack. Curls, barbell lifts, shoulder presses, tricep pushdowns, calf raises, chin ups, and bent over rows are among the long list of lifts that a power rack can simplify for you.

Which Should I Choose?

Think about the amount of space you have and what you’re looking to accomplish. If space is a serious concern, you may not be able to purchase a power rack simply because of its tremendous size.

If you have a lot of space, you’ll have to choose between the two.

Power racks are a better value over all. They’re an upgraded version of the squat rack that offers a multitude of possibilities.

You’ll be able to do anything and everything with a power rack. The only problem is, while they’re excellent value for money when you consider their versatility, some of them are extremely expensive. If your budget doesn’t account for a power rack, you may want to settle for a squat rack.

Though squat racks are less versatile than power racks, they still come with their advantages. If you aren’t looking to do a lot of high lifting and pull ups, a squat rack is probably all you’ll need.

There’s no reason to go crazy spending a ton of money for the extra features that come with a power rack if you don’t realistically see yourself using them.

Overall, you know what you need, your budget, your space constraints, and what you intend to do with your equipment.

That should help you narrow things down to your final choice. Once you know which one you’re interested in purchasing, all you have to do is select the model you want and you’ll have it shipped to you in a few clicks.

TOP 10 Best Power Racks & Best Squat Rack Reviews 2017

With most of these power racks and squat racks, you won’t be forced to choose between price and quality.

The majority of these models are at an excellent midpoint for value.

Valor Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment

Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment

This power rack has a 2 x 2 main frame made of solid steel, and features 4 solid steel chrome plated adjustable supports for your weight bars in addition to 4 storage pegs for weight plates.

The bar itself can be adjusted in 17 different positions, you can go as low as 17.5 inches or as high as 68 inches.

The utility bar for curls is foam covered for your comfort, and the solid steel pull up bar features grips. There’s a low pulley station for both upright and seated rows, and the lat pull station features a plae-loading carriage.

Rep Fitness Rep Power Rack with Optional Dip Attachment

Rep Power Rack with Dual Pullup Bars

This power rack stands at 82 inches tall, so it will fit well in spare rooms or garages that have been converted into workout spaces.

It’s 26 inches in depth inside and 44 inches wide. The hole spacing is at 2 inches inside of the rack, and it comes with a 1.25 inch and a 2 inch pull up bar.

The dip handles are padded, and the user can adjust their width. A 700 pound weight capacity means you won’t outgrow this rack, and a 400 pound capacity for the pull up bar and dip attachment mean that you’ll be able to use it as you continue to bulk up.

Powerline Body-Solid Powerline Squat Rack

Body-Solid Powerline Squat Rack

This is a must on our list as one of the best squat racks – it’s as good as they come.

You’re getting a height range that spans from 30 to 60 inches. This is exactly what you need for every kind of bench press, as well as the general calf raises, squats, upright rows, and curls.

Since the 2 by 2 inch frame is made of solid steel, this squat rack will be able to handle everything you throw at it. Its 51 pound weight makes it easy to transport and store.

If you need to move it out of the way when you aren’t using it, it’s easy to take from one room to another.

Rep Fitness Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar

Rep Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar

If you’re on a budget and you’ve settled for a squat rack, than this might be one of the best squat racks for you. This one is a great combination of a squat rack and a power rack.

Think of it as a power rack that’s optimized for squat exercises, rather than one that merely possesses the capability.

A 1,000 pound weight capacity means that absolutely anyone will be able to use it, and they’ll be able to hold some serious weights.

It features standard 2 inch hole spacing and a six foot deep base, so you’ll never have to worry about tipping the unit.

For added protection, you can also bolt this rack to the ground. You get two-foot spotter arms and lined J cups for protection.

The pegs double as dip bar handles, allowing you to make the most of this rack.

PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

This is a solid power rack at an affordable price. It’s not as fancy as some other models, but it’s definitely what you need to get the job done.

This rack offers 18 positions to maximize your customization and enough slide for you to get the full-body workout you need.

The two lift offs are head tempered, and there’s also two saber safety rods for stability. You won’t have to worry about this one falling apart on you – this is a durable and great investment.

TDS Super Power Squat Cage

Super Power Squat Cage

This is more than your average squat rack. Because this design is a cage rather than an open rack, you’re getting additional durability and safety because of the box design.

The TDS Super Power cage is a steal for what you’re getting.

The support is provided by two j hooks, which are included. They lock directly into the 1 inch solid steel safety bars.

A knurled front chinning bar allows you to use the cage as workout equipment by itself. 31 holes at two inches apart allow you to select your desired setting for a total range of lifts.

The unit itself measures 48.5″ x 48″ x 82.5″, so it’s easy to fit in any environment. Weighing in at 138 pounds, it may be difficult to move, though not impossible.

Super Open Rack Gym by NYB

Super Open Rack Gym by NYB

This is one of the best power racks for anyone on a budget. Not only are you getting an excellent price, but this power rack doesn’t compromise on the quality.

New York Barbells takes pride in the gym equipment they make, and this rack is no exception. The bold numbers along the 31 holes make it easy for you to set your safety pins and solid J hooks, which are included with the rack.

Though the rack doesn’t come with Olympic bars and plates, that’s fine for the price.

You’d have to buy them to supplement most other power racks anyway, but you’ll have more money left in your budget to purchase additional components to complete your custom power rack.

Valor Fitness BD-17 Combo Squat/Bench Press Rack

Valor Fitness BD-17 Combo

Don’t be too quick to judge this squat rack based on the price.

This is a value model, but we still think it’s one of the best squat racks and it’s excellent for a beginner.

If you’re new to using a squat rack, you won’t want to pay twice the price for a heavy duty rack that’s intended to handle workouts at an intensity you can’t yet reach.

With a modest top weight limit of 475, even some intermediate users will find that Valor’s squat rack is enough for them.

Simple and sturdy its construction, this rack has 41 inch posts and a 5 inch back plate to catch your bar while you’re going back to stand. It’s safe, it’s secure, it’s a great price, and best of all, it’s an excellent value.

XMark Power Cage with Dip Station and Pull-up Bar XM-7620

XMark Power Cage

This power cage is not for the faint of heart. If you’re a serious enthusiast and an experienced lifter, there’s no use in bothering with plain racks that won’t allow you to expand the range of your workout outside of average lifts.

That’s what XMark is providing with this Power Cage.

There’s nothing you can’t do with this frame. Outside of its heavy duty scratchproof steel construction, this rack is a total powerhouse. There’s 24 adjustment holes at two inches apart, which is exactly what most lifters need.

Four pairs of U-Shaped bar catches serve as assists and storage for your barbells.

If you’re looking to take things to the next level, XMark also makes attachments for this model. This power cage is already set up to hold a lat pulldown attachment and a low row attachment.

If you want to step up your game and boost your intensity, XMark gives you the option to go even farther than before. When you feel like you’ve outgrown this cage, you can always up the ante.

Cap Barbell Ultimate Power Cage with Performance Pack

Cap Barbell Ultimate Power Cage

This is one of the most heavy duty, all inclusive pieces of equipment on the market. It’s more than just a power rack, it’s an entire fitness cage.

Essentially, this piece of equipment serves as the basis for an entire gym. It comes loaded with an 8-position multi-grip station for chin ups and pull ups,  6 high assist band posts, 6 low resist band posts, 2 Olympic weight plate storage posts, 2 Olympic weight bar storage receivers, a hanger for a heavy bag, a stat board, a ball target, adjustable storage shelf, dip and knee raise platform, plyo jump platforms, and several dozen rubber lined adjustable safety spotters and bar catches.

There’s also 2 loop anchors that you can use for resistance bands, rope training, or suspension and a water bottle holder.

You may get sticker shock looking at the price of this product, but when you think about it, it’s an excellent value. You can’t beat everything you’re getting. You’re paying for a lifetime supply of comprehensive full body workouts.

This is it! Now it is your turn to make the decision.

Choose the best power rack or best squat rack what fits your needs and qualities most.