19 Best Underpronation (Supination) Running Shoes for Men & Women Reviewed

Are you among the 10% of runners who under pronate? Supinate? Or roll your foot towards the outside edge as you run?

If you are in the market for the best running shoes for under pronation you are in the right place.

I picked out 19 of the best shoes for supinators like you, fresh and new for 2020 (for the most part).

Join me and find the perfect pair of shoes for underpronation and discover the three features you should look out for before you choose the best shoes for supinators.

Three Shoe Features You Should Pay Attention to if You Underpronate

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1. Impact Resistance, Shock Absorption and Cushion

Supinators, or those who underpronate, have a foot that does not absorb shock as well as those who pronate normally.

A “normal” foot is designed to pronate about 15% or less as you run.

Your Foot’s natural suspension

A normal degree of pronation, combined with a natural and temporary flattening of your foot arch, is what takes the brunt of the impact as your foot strikes the ground. Think of it as your foot’s built-in suspension system.

If your arches are flat, or your foot does not pronate, guess what?

Your underpronating foot lacks natural ability to absorb shock properly.

The extra shock caused by your foot not attenuating shock properly is taken up by your knees and other joints, causing strain, pain and possibly or eventually, injury.

I don’t mean to freak you out, I just want you to know why under pronators need shoes with a lot of cushion and other shock absorbing features.

Rule #1 for underpronation:

Find shoes with plush cushioning and other impact absorbing features to keep extra shock and impact away from knees and joints.

2. Find a Neutral Running Shoe

If you supinate, you want to find a neutral running shoe.

NOT a stability shoe, or support shoe, and certainly not a shoe designed for overpronators.


Stability, support, and shoes for overpronators are designed for people whose foot rolls inwards, not outwards like underpronators.

Shoes for overpronators have features like roll bars and variable density foam, that cause the foot to roll outward, the exact opposite direction you want!

Neutral running shoes do not try and guide the foot to roll in either direction and as an underpronator, this is what you want.

Rule #2 for underpronators:

Find a neutral, cushioned running shoe.

3. Look for a Durable Sole that Resists Outer Edge Wear

An easy way to diagnose underpronation is to take a look at an old pair of your shoes.

Are your shoes worn on the outside edge?

If so, this is a sign you roll your foot excessively outwards as you run. Hence, you underpronate, or supinate. Supinators wear the outside edge of the shoe faster than other areas of the sole.

Rule #3 for Underpronaters:

Look for shoes with a durable sole, ideally one with a firm material along the outside edge, to resist the wear your foot strike naturally creates.

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19 Best Running Shoes for Under Pronation Reviewed 2020

11 Best men’s running shoes for underpronation.

ASICS Men's Gel-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe

Review: The Asics gel Nimbus 20 is an ideal shoe for under pronators. It is a Gel cushioned neutral running shoe.

It features gel pads in the heel and forefoot, specially designed flytefoam spanning the entire midsole and an additional Fluid ride layer of cushion that also acts to give you an energetic bounce back as you propel yourself forward.


  • Neutral, well cushioned running shoe.
  • Trustic guidance system in the sole works to perfect gait.
  • Rear foot and forefoot gel pads to absorb shock.


  • Not all colors available in wide sizes.


A comfortable, well-cushioned ride, Asics delivered what the supinator needs with the Gel nimbus 20.

New Balance Men's 990v4 Running Shoe

Review: This best seller by New Balance is popular for a good reason, it is a comfortable running shoe that works for supinators.

These well-cushioned running shoes are made in the USA, with quality materials like pigskin leather and rubber outsoles.

ACTEVA LITE midsole provides a great cushion, while the firmer PU rim is supportive.


  • V4 is more cushioned than the previous v3.
  • Multiple widths available to get your perfect fit.
  • ACTEVA LITE midsole provides ample cushion.


  • The toe box is a bit deep.


Easily one of the best underpronation running shoes made from high quality materials in the USA.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 7 Men's Running Shoe

Review: The Wave prophesy 7 is a luxurious and cushioned shoe that actually moves with the foot, which is something not all well cushioned running shoes do well.

The all-new Infinity ultimate wave plate takes the brunt of the foot strike impact so your knees and joints don’t have to, which is why I chose this shoe for under-pronators.


  • Removable insole allows you to adjust cushioning to suit you.
  • U4iC Strobel Lasting board sole has you literally running on air, great impact control.
  • X10 carbon rubber outsole prevents premature wear.


  • May not feel great for those with flat feet.


Novel sole and cushion design make the Mizuno Wave prophesy 7 the go to shoe for impact protection and those who supinate.

Saucony Ride ISO Men’s Running Shoe

Review: This neutral shoe from Saucony absorbs impact using several features unique to the Saucony brand.

This shoe is the first shoe that incorporates ride ISO technology and the shoe features XT900 high wear material on the sole to cover high wear areas, especially on the outside edge of the sole, where supinators tend to wear the sole the most.


  • Ample, comfortable toe box allows your toes room to move naturally.
  • 3mm of “Everun” top sole for added cushion.
  • Powerfoam EVA spans the entire midsole for yet another layer of cushion.


  • Shoes are a tad heavy, however, these are every day trainers.


An everyday running trainer great for those who under pronate.

New Balance Men's 880 Running GTX V8 Shoe

Review: The New Balance 880v8 is a neutral cushioned running shoe with a flexible comfortable upper and a heel designed for good lock in.

The GTX means the upper incorporates durable yet breathable gore-tex material to keep you running in any kind of weather.

The reason this made the list of best shoes for supinators is due to the Trufuse midsole with T-beam construction that creates a well cushioned yet resilient ride.


  • Gore-Tex weather resistant upper.
  • Flexible through the mid and front foot.
  • Trufuse midsole with T-beam construction for ultimate cushion.


  • Not many colors to choose from, style could be improved.


These New Balance shoes are among the best running shoes for underpronation and flat feet, you won’t be disappointed.

Nike Epic React Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe

Review: This shoe is light and flexible due to the stretchy form fitting flyknit upper. The cushion consists mainly of the responsive and comfortable react foam.

For the skeptics, the one layer of the react foam cushion is more than enough. This is a comfortable, impact absorbing ride.


  • Responsive and well cushioned react foam midsole.
  • Snug, secure flyknit upper.
  • TPU heel clip stabilizes shoe and gait, assists in correcting pronation.
  • Good shoe for heel strikers.


  • Tight, runs narrow.


Soft light and durable, with react foam making them cushioned and responsive, a great shoe for supinators and heel strikers.

Adidas Men’s Supernova M Running Shoe

Review: This running shoe by Adidas is a great choice for under pronators. They are built with the famous Adidas Boost Cushioning which is super responsive, and so popular, other shoe makers try to replicate it.

In addition to being ultra responsive, it also adds quite a bit of impact absorbing qualities, which is why it’s on the list for supinators.



  • Run a half size large and a tad shallow. High arches be warned.


The best running shoes for underpronation and plantar fasciitis for men.

Nike Men's Air Vapormax Flyknit 2 Running Shoe

Review: These are my favorite Nike shoes for under pronators because they are well cushioned and have a bouncy sole.

The underfoot impact control is made possible by the vaporMax air technology, which attaches the air pockets directly to the upper, which means the shoe has no midsole nor insole.

You are literally running on air.


  • vaporMax technology has you run directly on the air pockets for max impact control.
  • Flyknit upper means a comfy snug locked in fit.
  • They look cool, and not all cushioned shoes do.


  • If the air goes, so do the shoes, unfortunately.


Best Nike running shoes for underpronation for more casual runners.

Mizuno Men's Wave Creation 19 Running Shoe

Review: The Mizuno’s new Infinity Wave plate technology is what caused me to choose this shoe for supinators.

The Infinity wave plate, which spans the heel area, opens the sole area so you can see the impact absorbing openings created by the plate.

The shoe also has many other great features that make it a superior running shoe, like the U4ic midsole and mesh construction for a breathable well-cushioned ride.


  • Infinity wave plate through the heel greatly reduces impact.
  • U4ic midsole through the entire length of the shoe.
  • Anatomical sock liner offers arch support.


  • Not as durable as other shoes in this list.


Runners love the Mizuno Wave Creation 19 for its cushioned and responsive impact reduction. Best running shoes for underpronation and high arches.

ASICS Men's Gel-Quantum 360 4 Running Shoe

Review: This Asics Gel Quantum 360 4 running shoe is a neutral running shoe for under or normal pronators. I like this shoe for supinators because of the rear and forefoot gel Asics is famous for.

The addition of “Solyle” foam in the midsole adds to the cushion of the shoe, another great feature for runners who under-pronate.


  • “Solyte” midsole reduces joint impact.
  • Impact Guidance system corrects pronation issues to encourage a natural gait.
  • Asics high abrasion rubber placed in key areas of the sole, including the outside edge.


  • Can get warm during longer runs.


Best men’s running shoes for underpronation.

New Balance Men's Zante v4 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

Review: The Zante v4 running shoe is a super lightweight neutral cushioned running shoe. The reason I recommend it for supinators is because of the aforementioned cushion, thanks to New Balance’s innovative Fresh Foam midsole cushion.

This is an everyday trainer yet it is still super light, just 8.5 oz for men’s sizes.


  • Thick Freshfoam midsole cushions impact and saves your knees.
  • Rubber sole forms the outer edge, just where supinators need sole durability.
  • Very light and feels fast, fun to run in.


  • Not ideal for wet or slippery conditions, better for dry urban terrain.


Plush and responsive, a nice running shoe for every day training.

8 Best women’s running shoes for underpronation

Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe

Review: I love the Mizuno Wave Rider 22 for under pronators because the shoe is made using Mizuno’s Cloudwave cushion technology, saving your knees and joints from the extra impact that comes with being a supinator.

Cloudwave tech also means the ride is responsive, and that will keep you moving forward faster.


  • Cloudwave Cushion Technology absorbs impact and propels you forward.
  • U4ic midsole, an additional layer of luxury and liveliness.
  • 12 mm drop propels you forward at lightning speed.


  • Not many dynamic colors to choose from, muted color selection.


Move forward faster; minimize impact damage with the Mizuno Wave Rider 22’s.

Under Armour Women's Micro G Pursuit Sneaker

Review: This attractive running shoe by Under Armor is great for ladies who under pronate. It is a neutral cushioned running shoe with several useful features like an EVA sock liner with arch support that adds cushion and responsiveness.

Under Armors Micro G foam midsole is a pleasure to run on as it eases the impact on your joints while launching you forward during toe-off. One of the best underpronation running shoes for women.


  • Neutral, well cushioned running shoe.
  • Micro G foam technology eases the impact.
  • EVA sock liner provides arch support.


  • May feel snug in the heel.


A pleasure to run in, a good balance between responsiveness and cushion thanks to Micro G foam technology.

New Balance Women's Cruz V2 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

Review: This luxurious casual running shoe is great for ladies who under pronate and need the extra underfoot cushion to absorb the extra joint impact.

The shoe is made with New Balance’s well known and loved fresh foam midsole so it is both cushy and responsive, making it a joy to run in.


  • Thick yet lightweight fresh foam midsole is light yet well cushioned.
  • Neutral Cushioned running shoe for women.
  • Slip on-slip off heel design.


  • Not designed for wet or muddy conditions, upper contains leather.


A great casual running shoe for ladies who supinate.

NIKE Women's Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo Running Shoes

Review: I love, love, love this new Zoom Pegasus shoe by Nike. It is made with the lightest most responsive foam Nike has created, the ZoomX foam.

This means that not only will running on this foam reduce joint impact, but it will put wings on your feet.

The ladies version of this neutral cushioned running shoe only weighs 6.9 oz, and this is an everyday trainer. Nice!


  • Super light, impact absorbing ZoomX foam midsole.
  • Just 6.9 oz.
  • Comfy heel collar that tapers away from your Achilles heel.


  • Expensive.


Best Nike Running shoes for supinators and anyone else who wants to run at lightning speed.

Mizuno Women's Wave Sky 2 Running Shoe

Review: The new Women’s Wave Sky 2 is a very cushioned ladies running shoe and it is ideal for those who under pronate.

The padding is due to the U4icX podular midsole foam, that uses air pods to take the brunt off your running impact so your joints don’t have to. The U4icX midsole material, combined with Mizunos Cloudwave technology make this shoe one cushy ride.


  • Neutral cushioned running shoe, good for Under Pronators.
  • Mizuno’s Cloudwave & podular UCiX midsole work together for max cushion and impact control.
  • Durable blown rubber outsole.


  • Runs a little small.


Light and soft, a great running shoe for women, among the best women’s running shoes for underpronation.

ASICS Women's Gel-Quantum 360 Running Shoe

Review: The Asics Gel Quantum 360 is a neutral cushioned running shoe built with Asics rear foot/heel and forefoot gel pads, a trustic support that runs the length of the shoe, and “solyte” midsole for an added layer of padding.

These here design elements work together to create a shoe that is a great fit for supinators who need the added impact alleviation.


  • “Solyte” midsole cushion adds an extra layer of impact protection.
  • Front and rear gel pads for crash landing impact dispersion where you need it.
  • Ortholite x40 sock liner adds yet one more layer of impact resistance.


  • Shoe can get warm.


One of the most shock absorbing running shoes you can get for underpronators.

Saucony Echelon 6 Women’s Running Shoe

Review: Saucony designed the Echelon 6 for runners who experience underpronation or need extra impact protection and sole durability.

The shoe is tall enough to wear an orthotic and has an external TPU heel counter to add structure and keep your heel comfortably locked in.


  • Neutral cushioned running shoe built to Saucony’s high quality standards.
  • Luxe sock liner puts more comfort underfoot for a smooth landing.
  • Tall enough to accommodate orthotics, if needed.


  • Not weather resistant, ideal for dry city terrain.


For the under pronator who needs to use an orthotic insert, this Saucony running shoe fits!

New Balance Women's 880v8 Running Shoe

Review: The New Balance 880v8 running shoe is a neutral cushioned running shoe. It has a few small tweaks from the v7 model, including a more breathable upper, but it is essentially the same shoe performance wise.


  • “Trufuse” midsole foam is both impact resistant and responsive.
  • Rubber outsole is durable, and firmer at the heel, outside edge and toe to resist abrasion.
  • Wide forefoot for natural toe movement.
  • Roomy enough for a custom insert.


  • Runs a bit small and wide.


Bouncy, responsive and soft, one of the best running shoes for underpronation 2020 for women.

This wraps up my list of the 19 best running shoes for underpronation I could find.

If you know of any others or have a favorite of your own I would love to hear about it.

Drop me a line in the comments below and I may feature the shoe in a future update.

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